This page presents the events organized and supported by CSC, such as Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and Schools. Moreover, the page advertises any relevant event on complex systems science promoted at italian and international level.


  • September 22-26 2014, IMT Lucca (Italy), European Conference on Complex Systems ECCS14, Web page
  • December 11th 2013, h. 11.30, DIISM (Room 103), University of Siena, seminar on “Analysis of bifurcations in a reactive flow outside of equilibrium”, Dr. Francesco Sarnari (PhD at The University of Leeds, School of Mathematics). Abstract
  • December 4th 2013, University of Leicester (UK), Workshop on “Mathematical Modelling in Microbiology” (org. Prof. Marco Oggioni). Program
  • June 28, 2013, DIISM (Aula 103), III Meeting of the Complex Systems Community, University of SienaProgram
  • September 11-13, 2013, Urbino (Italy), 8th SICC International Tutorial Workshop Topics in Nonlinear Dynamics “Bifurcations in Piecewise-Smooth Systems: Perspectives, Methodologies and Open Problems”, Web page
  • May 27-31, 2013, Lorentz Center, Leiden (Netherlands), Workshop on “Econophysics and Networks Across Scales”,  Web page
  • April 16th, 2013, II meeting of the Complex Systems Community, University of Siena. Presentation of the research developed by the community members. Program
  • March 4-8, 2013, Hotel La Plage, Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Workshop on “Mathematical Methods and Modeling of Biophysical Phenomena”, Web page
  • February 20-22, 2013, Politecnico di Milano (Italy), School “Analysis of Complex Networks: Structure and Dynamics, Web page
  • December 19th, 2012, Pontignano (Siena, It), I meeting of the Complex Systems Community, University of Siena, Kickoff meeting
  • November 6th 2012,  h. 15.00, DIISM (Room 149), seminar on ”Control of atomic motion with ac fields: from the ratchet effect to vibrational mechanics”, Prof. Ferruccio Renzoni (Department of Physics and Astronomy, University College London (UK)). Abstract