Franco Ruzzenenti

Personal homepage:
E-mail: ruzzenenti AT
Phone: +390577234247

Department: Biotechnology, Chemistry and Pharmacy

Rebound Effect, Energy Efficiency, Evolutionary Thermodynamics and Network Theory


Ruzzenenti, F., Basosi, R, " The rebound effect: An evolutionary perspective.", Ecological Economics, 2008. - Link
F. Ruzzenenti, F. Picciolo, D. Garlaschelli and R. Basosi, "Spatial effects in real networks: measures, null models, and applications.", PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 2012. - Link
Garlaschelli, D.; Ruzzenenti, F.; Basosi, R, "Complex Networks and Symmetry I: A Review", Symmetry, 2010. - Link
Riccardo Basosi and Franco Ruzzenenti, "Energy Growth, Complexity and Efficiency, Energy Efficienc", Jenny Palm (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-137-4, Sciyo, 2010. - Link
Ruzzenenti, F., Basosi, R., " The role of the power/efficiency misconception in the rebound effect’s size debate: Does efficiency actually lead to a power enhancement?", Energy Policy, 2008. - Link
Ruzzenenti, F.; Garlaschelli, D.; Basosi, R., "Complex Networks and Symmetry II: Reciprocity and Evolution of World Trade.", Symmetry, 2010. - Link

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