Germano Giuliani

Personal homepage:
E-mail: giuliani5 AT
Phone: +39 (0)577 234359

Department: Biotecnologie Chimica e Farmacia
Address: Via Aldo Moro 2, 53100 Siena

Assistant Professor at University of Siena (Applied Pharmaceutical Chemistry) Member of the Complex Systems Community (CSC) Siena Visiting researcher at ISS (Rome) Dep. Pharmacology. Dr. T. Costa (2008-2009) Visiting researcher at Laboratory for Computational Photochemistry and Photobiology ( Prof. M. Olivucci (2012-present) Specializzazioni: Drug discovery, Drug delivery Systems, Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR), Organic Synthesis, Heterocyclic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry (polymers, dendrimers), Structural Manipulations of Bioluminescent Substrate (Coelenterazine)


Giuliani G., Molinari P., Ferretti G., Cappelli A., Anzini M., Vomero S., Costa T., "New red-shifted coelenterazine analogues with an extended electronic conjugation", Tetrahedron Letters, Vol. 53, pp. 5114-5118, 2012. - Link

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