Silvia Tiezzi

Personal homepage:
E-mail: silvia.tiezzi AT
Phone: +39-0577-233029

Department: Economics and Statistics - University of Siena
Address: Piazza San Francesco, 7

I am Assistant Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics and Statistics at the University of Siena (I). My reseach interests are in the following fields: Consumer Economics, Habit Formation and Addiction, Applied Microeconometrics and Experimental Economics. I am currently working on a project, financed under the \\\\\\\"Marie Curie\\\\\\\" International Outgoing Fellowship Scheme of the European Union FP7, on designing Energy Taxes that are more Acceptable and more Effective taking Behavioral Economics insights into account. Part of this project has been developed at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Pittsburgh, in the Department of Social and Decision Sciences.


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