Marco Oggioni

Personal homepage:
E-mail: oggioni AT
Phone: +39 0577 233101

Department: Dipartimento di Biotecnologie Mediche, University of Siena
Address: LAMMB, Policlinico Le Scotte (lotto 5), 53100 Siena

from July 2013 my new affiliation will be: Chair in Microbial Genetics, Department of Genetics, University of Leicester, Leicester, UK


Bidossi A, Mulas L, Decorosi F, Colomba L, Ricci S, Pozzi G, Deutscher J, Viti C, Oggioni MR, "A functional genomics approach to establish the complement of carbohydrate transporters in Streptococcus pneumoniae.", PLoS One, Vol. 7, N. 3, pp. e33320, 2012. - Link
Boianelli A, Bidossi A, Gualdi L, Mulas L, Mocenni C, Pozzi G, Vicino A, Oggioni MR, "A non-linear deterministic model for regulation of diauxic lag on cellobiose by the pneumococcal multidomain transcriptional regulator CelR.", PLoS One, Vol. 7, N. 10, pp. e47393, 2012. - Link
Coelho JR, Carriço JA, Knight D, Martínez JL, Morrissey I, Oggioni MR, Freitas AT, "The Use of Machine Learning Methodologies to Analyse Antibiotic and Biocide Susceptibility in Staphylococcus aureus.", PLoS One, Vol. 8, N. 2, pp. e55582, 2013. - Link

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